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  • EDISS Gateway Transition Is Coming Soon!
    The EDI Support Services (EDISS) Gateway is getting an upgrade! The Gateway transition is scheduled to begin in Quarter 2, 2016, and will continue throughout 2016. We are excited about the enhanced support capabilities and the new tools this transition will provide to our EDI support staff to better assist our Submitter Community!

Production Alerts

Processing Delay
For All New Gateway Submitters
Updated: 9/22/16

EDI Support Services (EDISS) experienced a processing delay through the new gateway that impacted 837 claim files submitted on 09/19/2016 starting at 6:00 pm (CST) through 9/20/16. This caused a delay in TA1, 999 and 277CA report delivery. This issue has been resolved, excluding a small subset of files that are still processing through our system and whose reports will deliver today.

For those Submitters who received their reports already, below are a few important notes:

• Files were duplicated for a period of time right before the outage. This caused a subset of files to receive duplicate rejections.
• For a subset of files that were reprocessed, EDISS was unable to capture original filenames. Due to this, new filenames were generated and will appear on the reports. The pattern used was "submitterID.sequencenumber". For example, CH99999.4445.

A follow-up email will be sent once all files have been processed.

Duplicate Report/Remittance Advice Delivery
For All New Gateway Submitters
Posted: 9/21/16

EDI Support Services (EDISS) is currently experiencing isolated occurrences of duplicate reports/remittance advices within the New EDISS Gateway. Important information to be aware of:

• Duplicate reports in the new gateway mailbox may contain a '#' in the outbound filename.
• Submitters are encouraged to disregard any duplicate reports and avoid double posting of 835s.

We are continuing to research the cause of the duplication and apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing. A follow-up email will be sent when additional information is available.

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