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EDI Support Service (EDISS) offers a variety of training opportunities to our Trading Partner Community. Workshops are live events held monthly with varying topics, and Online Tutorials are
self-paced learning modules on several different EDI functions.

PC-ACE Billing Guides

Medicare Secondary Payer Billing Guide - ANSI requirements


EDI Terminology


Password Criteria

Passwords for all EDISS system including, but not limited to, EDISS Connect, SSPR, and the new EDISS Gateway shall follow the following password criteria:

  • At least eight (8) characters, maximum of sixteen (16)
  • At least one upper-case letter
  • At least one lower-case letter
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character ($, #, *, -, or _ ). Do not use '&' or '+'
  • The use of dictionary names or words as passwords is prohibited
  • The same password cannot be reused for six (6) generations
  • Maximum Sequential Repeat: 2 (e.g LL or GG or 00 is the max of repeats of a character allowed)
  • Maximum Characters from Previous Password: 4

Passwords for the EDISS Gateway can be managed using the EDISS Gateway SSPR website.


Filename Criteria

To assist Submitters in avoiding unnecessary report delays, EDISS encourages Submitters to utilize the following criteria for naming their EDI files.

  • Do not exceed 40 characters
  • Use only the following special characters within the filename
    • - Dash
    • _ Underscore
    • . Period
    • | Pipe
  • Do not use the following special characters within the filename
    • * Asterisk
    • ^ Carat
    • : Colon
    • ~ Tilde
    • ` grave accent/backtick


Special Character Usage

EDISS occasionally receives files containing the following special characters within the data, which could cause report files to not generate. If you are missing report files, please review the data for these most commonly submitted special characters.

  • ~ Tilde
  • ` grave accent/backtick
  • Extra spaces at the end of elements