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Production Alerts

Title Submitters Affected Description
Iowa Medicaid Connectivity Downtime - Resolved 5/20/2021For IA Medicaid SubmittersIA connection went down last night. External Education Posted: The connection with IA Medicaid is currently down. EDISS is working to resolve and apologizes for the inconvenience.
Medicare 277CA Delivery Delay - Resolved 5/28/2021For Medicare SubmittersMedicare 277CA Delivery Delay for Part A and Part B from 11:56pm 05/26/2021 to current.
Medicare Claim Delay - Resolved 05/26/2021For Medicare SubmittersMedicare Claim Delay: EDI is currently experiencing an issue with Medicare Claim Processing, impacting claims and reports beginning 05/25/2021. No action is needed by Trading Partners at this time. EDI is working to resolve and appreciates your patience.

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What's New

Top Ten Medicare Edits
For All Medicare Submitters

EDISS has created a listing of the top ten Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B edits. This information can be used by submitters to avoid common claim rejections. The Top Ten Medicare Edits will be updated quarterly and can be found on the Reports tab or at Top Ten Medicare Edits.


Noridian Custom Edits (NCE) to Begin October 4, 2020
For All Medicare Submitters


As previously educated, Noridian Custom Edits (NCE) integration is complete and will go live October 4, 2020.


NCE will populate in the STC elements of the 277CA with distinct code sets that can be cross referenced to the NCE Spreadsheet. To assist submitters' NCE review, Noridian established an edit spreadsheet at This listing will increase as new edits are created and rolled out.


NCE will be reported in the 2200D STC and 2220D STC segments. The edit message will be in STC12. An example is included below:




NCE enhance claims editing for both providers and payers and integrate with existing claims acknowledgement reporting (277CA) on 837 electronic claim submissions.


NCE allow Noridian to do the following:


  • Help identify problematic or “certain to deny” claims prior to Noridian claims processing
  • Alert providers of errors and potential claim processing issues around medical necessity, non-covered services, missing modifiers, and other clinical editing
  • Deliver timely and clear notifications of how to fix claim errors
  • Save administrative time tied to claim resubmissions
  • Improve transparency of claim editing and claims processing


ISA13 Requirement for Claim Submission Calls
For All Submitters


To provide the most efficient customer service possible for our Submitter community, EDISS will be implementing a change to what information is required when calling for claim submission assistance. Effective 8/1/2020, EDISS will require the ISA13 (Interchange Control Number) element from the inbound file for questions regarding claim submissions. This will specifically be required for Submitters who send more than 500 inbound files per day or in cases where the inbound file is not able to be located.


Providing this information ensures that EDISS reviews the correct file. Callers who do not have this may be asked to call back once they have obtained the ISA13 element.


A message from Noridian on COVID-19 and business continuity


Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC remains committed to its role in supporting essential functions for the Medicare FFS and Medicaid programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week we moved 900 employees to temporary work from home. With nearly half of our employee base telecommuting already, we were very prepared for that move. Our process was organized, controlled, and phased to provide for continuity of business operations and the safety of our employees. Today 99 percent of our employees are work-from-home. Each of our office locations is closed, and access to those is restricted to a handful of employees with an approved business need. Those employees are operating under CDC recommended social distancing. We will continue to perform our work with quality and care.





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