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EDISS E-mail List


EDI Support Services Email Listings

Title Message Last Sent
EDISS Connect Accuracy 10/05/2021
EDISS Informational Articles 10/05/2021
PC-ACE Quarterly Update 10/05/2021
PC-Print Quarterly Update Available 10/05/2021
Determining Which NPI to Use for EDISS Connect Registration 09/07/2021
Medicare's Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation 09/07/2021
Noridian No Longer Processes WSI 09/07/2021
Part A NCE Began July 25, 2021 09/07/2021
Consistent Payer IDs 08/03/2021
EDISS Takes Rejection Calls; PCC Takes Denial Calls 08/03/2021
Navigating the IVR 08/03/2021
SSPR Benefits 08/03/2021
When to Call Rather than Email EDISS 08/03/2021
Contacting EDISS 07/06/2021
Edit Spreadsheet Recently Updated 07/06/2021
277CA Report Help 06/01/2021
Acknowledgement Report and Remittance Advice Reminder 06/01/2021
NMP Registration 06/01/2021
Noridian Custom Edits Update 06/01/2021
EDISS Medicare Remittance Advice Reminder 05/04/2021
EDISS Password Criteria Reminder 05/04/2021
Large Repost Requests 05/04/2021
Making a Change in EDISS Connect? 05/04/2021
EDI Spreadsheet Recently Updated 04/06/2021
Sunday Maintenance Reminder 04/06/2021
EFT vs. ERA 03/02/2021
Testing for Medicare Providers 03/02/2021
Using the Gateway SSPR for Password Resets 03/02/2021
Interpreting Rejection Error Codes 02/02/2021
Medicare Remit Easy Print 02/02/2021
Selecting Direct vs. a Vendor in Connect 02/02/2021
What Is a Trading Partner ID? 02/02/2021
DDE User Guide Update 01/05/2021
EDI Spreadsheet Recently Updated 01/05/2021
PC-Print Quarterly Update Available 01/05/2021
Thank You Noridian EDI Submitters! 01/05/2021
Importance of Verifying EDISS Connect Registration 12/01/2020
Rather Send an Email than Call? 12/01/2020
Top Ten Medicare Edits 12/01/2020
Understanding EDISS Reports 12/01/2020
Connect - What is it? Why do you need it? How do you use it? 11/03/2020
Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Viewing Options 11/03/2020
IME Gateway Transition 11/03/2020
Noridian Custom Edits Update 11/03/2020
DDE User Guide Update 10/06/2020
NCE Began October 4, 2020 10/06/2020
Update to Noridian EDISS Transition 10/06/2020
Noridian Custom Edits (NCE) to Begin October 4, 2020 09/29/2020
EDISS Holiday Closure 09/01/2020
Gateway Transition Updates 09/01/2020
Updating Transactions in EDISS Connect 09/01/2020
Improving Electronic Claims Processing with Noridian Custom Edits (NCE) 09/01/2020
Check the EDISS Website for System Status 08/04/2020
EDISS Website Feedback 08/04/2020
ISA13 Requirement for Claim Submission Calls 08/04/2020
Noridian EDISS is Improving the Way We Do Business 08/04/2020
ISA13 Requirement for Claim Submission Calls 07/07/2020
Noridian Production Status 07/07/2020
DDE User Guide Update 06/22/2020
Rejection vs. Denial 06/02/2020
Accessing Your Existing EDISS Connect Account 05/05/2020
Special Character Usage 05/05/2020
DDE User Guide Update 04/07/2020
Navigating the New IVR 03/03/2020
Thank You for a Successful MBI Transition 03/03/2020
Edit Spreadsheets Recently Updated 02/04/2020
Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Transition 02/04/2020
Submitter Not Approved Rejection 02/04/2020
DDE User Guide Update 01/07/2020
Benefits of Electronic Remittance Advice 12/03/2019
EDISS Connect Status Checks 11/05/2019
Need an Acknowledgement Report or a Remittance Advice Reposted? 11/05/2019
EDISS Medical Documentation Exchange Survey: 2nd Edition 10/01/2019
EDISS to Change System Alert Notification Process 10/01/2019
Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Transition 10/01/2019
ND Medicaid Taxonomy Code Requirements 08/06/2019
Health Insurance Query Access (HIQA) Eligibility Changes 06/04/2019
The EDISS Email Distribution Has a New Look 06/04/2019
EDISS Connect Status Checks 05/07/2019
EDISS Medical Documentation Exchange Survey 05/07/2019
Direct Data Entry (DDE) User Guide Updated 04/02/2019
esMD and You! 03/05/2019
Is Everyone In Your Organization Reading Emails from HIPAAlist? 03/05/2019
Direct Data Entry (DDE) User Guide Update - Effective January 7, 2019 01/08/2019