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What's New

EDISS Connect Status Checks


Effective July 1, 2019, all production status checks will be required to be done through the EDISS Connect website. Anyone calling to verify a provider’s status or locate the provider’s Submitter ID, will be redirected to their vendor/provider profile to review the information. The following are a list of helpful tips:

  • EDI Support Services (EDISS) suggests that large facilities or vendors designate a person to be in charge of creating individual users for their EDISS Connect accounts
  • EDISS Connect users will go inactive after 60 days of inactivity and be removed from account after 90 days of inactivity
  • To view transaction status and locate provider’s Submitter ID:
    • Providers: Select Manage Transactions and click on NPI
    • Vendors: Select Manage Processing Providers, search for NPI and click on it

For instructions on how to add a user or check provider status, there are User Guides for both providers and vendors. To view the guides, select the Registration in navigation menu above.


esMD and You
For All Medicare Submitters


Does your facility/organization receive Additional Documentation Request (ADR) Letters from Noridian? Are you aware that the option exists to respond to these electronically?


The option of Electronic Submission Medical Documentation (esMD) allows Providers and Health Information Handlers (HIHs) to electronically send their ADR responses to Noridian during the claims review process. Electronically responding to ADRs reduces administrative burden to your organization and enables us to process responses in a more timely and efficient manner.


esMD submissions have been ongoing since 2011 and are supported by CMS. Noridian has resources available on to answer questions your organization may have about getting started with esMD. Once selecting a line of business, type ‘esMD’ in the search feature to begin learning more of the advantages esMD has to offer.


Production Alerts

Medicare Remittance Advice Delivery Delay – Resolved 8/8/19
Medicare JF Part B ID, MT, OR, and UT

Remittance advice delay impacting a subset of remittance advice for ID, MT, OR and UT Medicare Part B submitters for 08/08/19.

Medicare 277CA Report Delivery Delay – Resolved 8/8/19
Medicare JF Part A and Part B

Report delivery delay impacting JF Medicare Part A and B submitters.

277CA reports for affected files are now available for retrieval.

Medicare Remittance Advice Delivery Delay – Resolved 8/7/19
Medicare JE and JF Part B Northern CA, ID, OR, and UT

Remittance advice delay impacting a subset of Northern CA, ID, OR and UT Medicare Part B submitters for 08/07/19


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