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What's New

  • Benefits of Electronic Remits
    Click here to learn more about the many benefits of utilizing the 835 Electronic Remittance Advice!
  • Keep up-to-date with ICD-10
    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a rule finalizing October 1, 2015, as the new compliance date for health care providers, health plans, and health care clearinghouses to transition to ICD-10. This deadline allows providers, insurance companies, and others in the health care industry time to ramp up their operations to ensure their systems and business processes are ready to go on October 1, 2015. For more information read the rule or view the press release.
  • Medicare ICD-10 End-to-End Testing

    Noridian is now accepting Volunteers for ICD-10 End-to-End Testing. Forms can be found on the link below and will need to be completed by October 3, 2014.

  • ICD-10 End-To- End Testing Volunteer Form - Noridian Jurisdiction F
  • New ICD-10 Acknowledgement Testing Week Established
    CMS has planned to conduct ICD-10 testing during the following weeks:
  • • November 17-21, 2014
    • March 2-6, 2015
    • June 1-5, 2015
  • Testing with EDISS will validate ICD-10 code sets within your billing software as well the structural accuracy of your ICD-10 claim file.

Production Alerts

Processing Delay
For All Medicare Part B Submitters
Published: 9/26/14

EDISS is experiencing a claims processing delay. Due to this issue, the 277CA Acknowledgement reports are delayed for files sent on September 26, 2014. No Submitter action is required. A follow-up email will be sent once we are within our 2-4 hour standard processing timeframe.

Update: Medicare Part B Remittance Advice Delayed
For Medicare Part B Submitters
Published: 9/26/14

The issue causing the Medicare Part B remittance advice delays that began on September 16, 2014, through September 25, 2014, has been corrected and they are delivering correctly.

EDI Support Services (EDISS) is working with Medicare to obtain corrected remittance data for the impacted subset of remittances from this date span, so that they can be delivered. EDISS apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. A follow-up email will be sent once they have delivered.

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