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PC-ACE Pro32

This page includes files that will prepare you for using EDISS' low-cost billing software, PC-ACE Pro32.

*PC-ACE Pro32 is available to download free of charge. EDISS requires a $25.00 yearly fee from anybody requesting the PC-ACE Pro32 program on compact disc (cd). This fee will cover the shipping & handling of the software and its continuing updates. This fee is an annual fee allowed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


PC-ACE Pro32 Training & Education


Installation & Update Files


ICD-10 Testing

PC-ACE ICD-10 testing instructions for Medicare ICD-10 Testing are listed below.

  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to update PC-ACE Pro32 to the January 2014 ( release before attempting to run this utility to create ICD-10 test claims, as significant changes were made to the product's ICD version rules capability in the January 2014 release.
  • Make sure your PC-ACE is closed before running the Test Assistant.
    • Run the Test Assistant and click on "Activate ICD-10 test mode". The following changes are made when the ICD-10 is activated.
      • A configuration option is enabled to activate ICD-10 support in the product.
      • ICD Version Rules are added which require ICD-10 diagnosis codes. Use service dates between 10/1/2013 and the current test date.
      • The "Submission Status" (i.e., TEST/PROD) field is set to "T" (TEST) on all Submitter records.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: When done testing, run the Test Assistant again, and click on "Deactivate ICD-10 Test Mode" to return your PC-ACE to the normal settings.
  • PC-ACE Pro32 ICD-10 Testing Assistant Utility


PC-ACE Pro32 User Documentation

If unable to view these documents, contact EDI Support Services.